School’s Name: A.C.E. Language Institutes

School’s Address: 200 W Mercer St

School’s website:




A.C.E. Language Institutes


Founded in: 1973

Location: Seattle, Washington

Closest Major City: Seattle

Institution Type: ESL Institute

Type of Accreditation: CEA Accreditation

Type of Ranking, if applicable:


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For over 40 years, A.C.E. has been a leader in intensive English language instruction. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to international education and are proud to have helped tens of thousands of students from around the world achieve their goals while studying at our Language Institutes. Whether you want to complete our program to gain admission to a university or just improve your English, A.C.E. has a program for you.

A.C.E. Language Institutes combine high quality instruction with a caring, supportive environment. A.C.E. Language Institutes is a campus based ESL provider, whose 6-level curriculum is focused on preparing students to achieve their academic goals. With 16 transfer partners accepting graduates of A.C.E. as a substitute for the TOEFL test, A.C.E. graduates can receive conditional admission to any of our partner institutes, without ever having to take the TOEFL test. 



Admission deadline:





Rolling: Yes/No?


Type of courses: Intensive ESL training, Group programs, Professional development

Length of course: 5 – 7.5 weeks / Session


Conditional Admission Partners:


  1. Seattle Pacific University
  2. Montana State University
  3. University of Rhode Island
  4. Saint Francis University
  5. Western New England University


Rate of Student Transfer to 2-year/4-year Schools(%): 50%


Student/Faculty Ratio: 15: 1








Students: About 120 students per institute

Total: 400

International: All

Vietnamese: 2


Cost (US$) per Academic Year

Tuition and Fees: $1800 – 3000/ session

Books and supplies: $40 -100

Health Insurance: $150 - $250

Room and board: $750 - $1100; varies

Transportation: Varies

Other expenses:

Total (as stated on I-20 Form): $3250 - $6550


Scholarship:                     No           

Financial aid:                   No             

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Housing option:





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For further information, please contact:

Hanoi Office: 8C Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem

Hotline: 84 94 2244 186 | Tel: 84-4-3938 8455

Ho Chi Minh Office: 212 Huynh Van Banh, Phu Nhuan

Hotline: 84 904553459 | Tel: 84-8-3844 1393