Meritas is an international family of college-preparatory schools. We teach students to think critically, ask thoughtful questions, use high-order reasoning and solve problems creatively. Meritas provides a highly personalized education for each student in a nurturing environment. Our curricula and approach to teaching is personally designed to challenge every student to excel both inside and outside the classroom. It is our mission to develop students who can navigate the world, and are able to succeed at their top-choice of college or university while accomplishing the goals they set for themselves. Meritas graduates are confident, articulate and fully engaged adults. They love to learn, take initiative for their own education and actively seek to make a difference in their world.

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Capstone Vietnam

Hanoi Office: 8C Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem
Hotline: 84 94 2244 186 | Tel: 84-4-3938 8455

Ho Chi Minh Office: 212 Huynh Van Banh, Phu Nhuan
Hotline: 84 90 4553 459 | Tel: 84-8-3844 1393