Why Capstone Vietnam? Experience, Reputation, Proven Results

Capstone Vietnam is a human resource development company founded in late 2009 by Mark Ashwill with the slogan Reaching New Heights. (From 2005-09, Dr. Ashwill served as country director of the Institute of International Education/IIE in Vietnam.) A 2011 Hobsons consultant’s report noted that “The work of Dr. Mark Ashwill, formerly of IIE, and the former U.S. Ambassador, Michael Michalak, helped to promote the United States as a destination for Vietnamese students, and strengthened the ties between the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and U.S. universities.”

In June 2012, Jeff Browne wrote in his blog Vietnomics that “Much of the credit for the strengthening US-Vietnam higher education link goes to Hanoi-based educator Mark Ashwill, director of Capstone Vietnam and key advisor to student-run nonprofit VietAbroader, both of which help Vietnamese students navigate the American education culture.”

In the short time that Capstone has been in existence it has established a reputation for quality in both Vietnam and the United States that is consistent with its core values of integrity, learning, global awareness, innovation and results and our mission:

  •  To enable individuals to achieve their educational goals and career aspirations;
  • To help institutions actualize their international education-related plans in Vietnam and overseas; and
  • To make a meaningful and lasting differences in the lives of individuals, organizations and society.

The basic premises of the company is simple: commitments to excellence and superior service in all aspects of our work helps our clients reach new heights personally, academically and/or professionally. Capstone works exclusively with regionally accredited schools in the U.S.

Since Capstone’s foundings, we have focused mostly on institutional services, which means helping colleges and universities, companies and nonprofits achieve their Vietnam-related goals, whatever they happen to be. We have grown quickly but prudently – from one office in Hanoi and three staffs, including the managing director and deputy director to two offices and a staff of over 20, including full-time, part-time and student interns.

For institutions whose primary goal is student recruitment the market has become very competitive in the last five years; they need to do much more than participate in the occasional “helicopter marketing” event (e.g., fairs). They must develop a long-term strategy that is diversified, capitalizes on their institutional strengths and is appealing to Vietnamese students and parents.

Our Team: Bilingual, Bicultural, Experienced

Capstones senior managers hold advanced degrees from top-notch U.S. universities and have decades of experience working in various senior management positions in the higher education, nonprofit and private sectors in the United States, Germany and Vietnam. All of our front office staff are bilingual and some in Overseas Study Services have studied in the U.S. It is our diversity, education, professional experience in Vietnam and abroad, and commitment to the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our business that set us apart from other educational services companies.