The reason that I chose K-state is that it is known for having an excellent reputation in Biology courses. The reputation was indeed accurate. Even though I’ve only been here for one semester, I’m impressed with the way the course was delivered. You’re encouraged to learn the lesson by yourself instead of the usual spoon-fed style of teaching. In fact, the classrooms are also equipped for you to have experiments during the class to examine things by yourself. It is essentially the process that a normal scientist would go through to conduct an experiment and draw conclusion. However, there’re always plenty of help when you’re in need. There are online resources for you to look at yourself; on class, there are always teaching assistants and the instructors ready to answer your question, regarding the materials or maybe just something out of your curiosity (relevant to the material that day of course).

However, that’s not the only great thing about the school. Here at K-state I always feel welcomed. Be it the students, the staff or the faculties, they’re always happy to go out of their way to help you. Regardless of your problem, academic or personal, there’s always someone to help you out. The dormitory is also a great place to make friends. There are always ton of people around, and everybody is nice and friendly. There are always programs that aim to create a bond between residences of the same floor. It makes you feel like you have a second family, away from home.

Manhattan (named The Little Apple after Manhattan, NY) is also a nice little city with a peaceful and serene lifestyle. There is little to none industrial activities around town. That’s why it always have a refreshing atmosphere and beautiful landscapes all year long. The temperature can get really high during the summer, the low humidity alleviate some of the problem though. During winter, it’s just cold enough so that you can enjoy the beauty of the white snow that the town is covered in, but not too cold that you hate to get out of bed every morning. Almost everybody here is friendly and they make sure that you never feel left out ever.